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Name Tags & Guests


Reunion Guests:

We developed high school friendships and relationships with classmates from other MacArthur graduating classes. Some blossomed into marriages as well as close life long friendships. You are welcome to invite DMHS graduates from 1965, '66, '67, '69, '70 and '71 to any 50th reunion activity or event as your personal guest together with their spouse/guest. As your guest, you are responsible for their reservation and payment. The cutoff date for reservations and payment is August 15th.


Classmate name tags:

Name tags will be created using classmate names downloaded from the class website. Please check that your name appears on your website profile as you want it printed on your reunion name tag.


Guest name tags:

Provide the full names of your guests for their name tags. Include the class year of DMHS graduate guests.


Guests of John Smith

  • Nancy Smith
  • Elizabeth Taylor Burton (DMHS 1967)
  • Richard Burton                                                                                          

If your spouse or guest is a DMHS alumni, please include both their class year and their maiden name (if applicable).