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25th Reunion

1. Stuart Washburn, Diane D'Arcy, Ron Stricker and John Wilber

2. Hannelore Willke Winter, Eric Jozwiak and Connie Koerber Miller

3. Barb Thomas Fitzmaurice and Walter Wolbert

4. Linda Houlihan Cardozo, ??, Patty Hartman and ?

5. ?? and Cyndy Iler Lange at far right

6. Linda Mainprize Reynolds and Mindy Davis Moeller

7. Mary Boling Ward and Cathy Murphy

8. Jennean Kabat Mackay and ?

9. Barb Thomas Fitzmaurice, "Fitz?" and John Shipman

10. Arna Robinson with husband Richard Robinson and Linda Houlihan Cardozo

11. Diane D'Arcy and John Wilber

12. Linda Houlihan Cardozo with Mindy Davis Moeller and Jim Moeller

13. Jeanne Jeffrey McDonagh and Sue Blanchet Kessel

14. Mary Boling and Mark Billmeier

Photo XVI Kirk Dennis, ??, Jeanne Watz Maczik, Sue Prinz Rybak, Micki Moon Yon


Please help name this person! Refer to Photo XV


??, Dave Clunie, Dennis Parker



Photo XIII Top, L to R: Nick Vitale, John Wilber, Hal Roth. Bottom, L to R: Darla Duncan Meyers, Diane D'Arcy, Barb Boyd Gesch


Photo XII Kathy an Houtum Surgerson, Stuart Washburn and Connie Koerber Miller in the background


Photo XI Gary Westendorf and Steve Hach


Photo X Tim Maher and Richard Robinson


Photo IX Vickie Little Nunamaker, Rodney Volz (her boyfriend), Larry Dzrojkoski, Tim Maher, Linda Moll Bloom

Charlie Schoenheit and his wife Beth


Photo VII (on right) Paula Baker Thomas, Paula King Newton


Photo VI Stuart Washburn, Ron Stricker, Todd Spence


Photo V Bill Brisbois and wife Mindy?, Gerry Anderson (in background), Steve Hach


Photo IV Bob Kendrick (background), Linda Moll Bloom and Jim Wilber (far right)


Photo III Pam Martin Garrison and Chris Garrison, ?


Photo II Vickie Little Nunamaker, Rodney Volz (her boyfriend), Darla Duncan Meyers (far background), Anne Wolfe Doerfler, Patti Curry Raymond, Steve Hach (far right)


Susie Strobel Waters, Hal Roth, Elaine Stark McCarty, ??


Photo I Patty Curry Raymond and Randy Raymond, Gordon Wilson


Gerry Anderson and friend?


Kirk Dennis, Mark Billmeier and wife Marie,and ?

Larry Dzrojkoski, Nancy Ollerman Myron and husband Rick Myron